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Fur Hats For Sale!

Are you in need of a warm fur hat, or maybe an authentic Russian fur hat. We even have fur ear flap hats.

We don't stop there however we list the highest quality Ushanka and Papakha hats, and make sure to view our authentic Russian military caps and hats.

RussianHeadwear.com carries beautiful fur hats for both men and women including fox fur, mink fur and rabbit fur. Also available are 100% leather caps and hats.

A very common requested hat is Cossack style hats which were worn by Russian Cossacks living on the Cuban River, so you know they are going to be warm hats!

Click on any of the hats above or on the menu to your left to get started.

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Russian Federation Hat
Traditional Russian Army Hat designed to block out cold Siberian winds! More